Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeling stressed?

Does the following speak to you? I'm quoting from my book,
GRACE ON THE GO: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters

Okay, God, here’s the way I feel right now.
Like the inside of a clothes dryer.
All hot and bothered.
With my ‘stuff.’
Worries and fears and stress, oh my
Are tumbling and tossing around
In my mind until
It makes me dizzy.
When I feel like this, I don’t want to pray.
Prayer is just one more stressor.
Who has time or energy
To hallow your name?
(I’m being honest now.)
When I’m stressed,
I wish someone would hallow me.
Help me open the door of this dryer, dear God,
So I can cool down, and then maybe
Pray my gratitude
For all the good in my life.

Having fun with little ones

Is there anything more rewarding than a visit with grandchildren?
How thrilling to see four-year-old Isabella run toward me, arms open, eyes alight, shouting, "Grammy!"
And to say to sixteen-month-old Brady in the time-honored, peek-a-boo singsong style, "Where's Grammy? Where's Grammy?" and have him point to me.

Visiting with grandkids in their home city did mean I got behind in writing my E-spirations.

But I gotta say it was worth it.