Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tired of those women's magazine telling us How to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Last night I had dinner with women friends "of a certain age" and we lamented bodies that are  more saggy than they once were.

So when I reached home I pulled out the following quote from my book, GRACE ON THE GO: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters.  

A Prayerful Rumination While Sitting in the Hot Tub at the Ladies Spa

Oh Lord, I almost didn’t step in 
I saw her sitting there.        
Her belly is smooth satin,
Uncreased. Taut.
Unlike mine. 
Since my babies,
Mine has a more interesting texture.
Waffle weave, 
It’s as comfortable as an old sweater
Whose pockets sag with treasures.
I need your help, oh Lord, 
to celebrate 
The richness of my belly
Whose fabric is so well worn.

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