Sunday, May 20, 2012

What do reunions tell us?

My friend Jim Todd and I attended his 50th college reunion. As I listened to the bios being read and watched the grey-haired men and women stand and smile at former classmates, I wondered again: what is it about school reunions? Why get dressed up to renew your acquaintance with people you haven’t seen in 20, 40, even 50 years--and may not see again? 
I think the person we really meet at reunions is ourselves. In the faces and stories of others we see a reflection of our own youthful dreams.  And we may ask:  Has my life turned out as I once dreamed it would?  
Initially, some might say no. Most lives hold surprises. And inevitably, some disappointments. 
But reunions can remind us also of how far we have come in our personal search for wisdom and greater understanding. Sometimes we learn the most from our greatest trials. 
It's certainly been true in my own life. So as I moved about at Jim's reunion, I thought, "This is fun, but oh, I'm so glad not to be as young and unformed as I was on the day of graduation."  How about you?  Would you say the same?  

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